algorithm to remove element from single linked list

In this algorithm we were not given with the head node but instead given with the node that is to be deleted.

Lets look at an example:

Node        : 1->20  | 2->30  | 3->40  | 4->50  | 5
Node Address: 10     | 20     | 30     | 40     | 50

And assume we want to remove 3rd element where you are given only the THIRD node that is to be deleted.
Output should be: 1,2,4,5

Since you do not have access to the head, change the given node_to_be_deleted in this manner:

Node            : 1->20  | 2->30  | 4->50  | 4->50  | 5
Node Address    : 10     | 20     | 30     | 40     | 50

Instead of deleting the 3rd node we are moving 4th node into 3rd node and ignoring 4th node.

	 * Remove element from SLL
	 * @param node element to be removed
	public void removeElement(Node node) {
		node.value =; =;

3 Responses to algorithm to remove element from single linked list

  1. you haven’t addressed the case where is null (i.e. delete the last node)

  2. PK Jajara says:

    As the solution above doesn’t work if the node to be removed is *last* node in linked list, following check has to be added:

    if (node == null || == null){
    return false;

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