role of a software architect

As an architect we should always focus on these areas

  • Envision: Software Architecture
  • Model: Design Pattern
  • Blueprint: Construction and Design Principles
  • Inspect: Construction Patterns
  • Nomenclature: Architect Jargon to communicate intent.

Software Architecture

  • Web Server? Pipelined Architectures
  • Cloud? N-Tier Network Architecture
  • SOA? Component Architecture
  • Client/Server? Layered Architecture
  • Single Tier? Monolithic Architecture

Design Pattern

  • Creational, Structural and Behavioral Patterns
    • Creational DP:provide us a way to decouple the client from the objects that it needs to instantiate
      Singleton, Factory, Builder
    • Structural DP: help us to compose classes or objects into larger structures
      Decorator, Facade, Adapter, Proxy
    • Behavioral DP: dictates how classes and objects interact with each other and distribute the responsibilities
      Strategy, Template, Iterator
  • Plugins: Plugins enable you to execute code in response to certain events

Design Principles

  • How does Encapsulation affects code reuse? Because it hides complex code which can easily be replaced with another code.
  • How cohesion affects layers? High cohesion leads to better layered design
  • How coupling affects scalability? Low coupling leads to more scalability

Construction Principles

  • Favor composition(component design) over inheritance as it reduces number of dependencies between the modules which increases flexibility.
    Layered and Tier Design?
  • Whats your developement methodology? 3-5 week sprint based on type of project.
  • How to avoid architecture erosion? Do periodic code reviews, build unit/integration tests and do a nightly builds

Architect Jargon

  • CAP Theorem: Consistency Avaliability Partition-Tolerance
  • ACID Properties: Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability
  • Difference between a Component and a Module? A component is fine grained selft contained entity that can interact with remaining parts of system (like Data Access Layer), whereas module is coarse grained deployable source code bundle which shares a common purpose (like JSON Parser, Log4j, etc), replacing it would not impact overall system architecture
  • Difference between Tier and Layer? Tier is a physical unit, where the code / process runs. E.g.: client, application server, database server; Layer is a logical unit, how to organize the code. E.g.: presentation (view), controller, models, repository, data access.
  • Cohesion and Coupling: Cohesion is the degree to which the elements of a certain module belong together. Coupling is the degree of interdependence between software modules



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