Design Patterns

core design pattern definitions: must for a programmer or designer; Strategy Pattern: This pattern lets you define a family of algorithms, encapsulate each one and makes them interchangeable. Observer Pattern: …

core design principles – Encapsulate what varies. – Favor composition over inheritance. – Program to an interface, not implementations..

Classification of design patterns and KISS principle: Classification based on creation/structure/behavior. Creational Patterns provide us a way to decouple the client from the objects that it needs to instantiate. Singleton…

difference between design pattern and framework : Framework is a skeleton of code for developing java applications. Design pattern is a solution for a particular problem. The relationship

design patterns used in core java (j2se) source code: Decorator and Bridge patterns –; Observer pattern is available as standard API

All possible ways of implementing singleton pattern and its pros and cons Here 5 possible ways are discussed…

Dependency Inversion Principle and Abstract factory Pattern: DI Principle says high level components/classes should not directly depend on low level …

Template Method Pattern: It defines steps of an algorithm and lets sub-classes decide which steps to override. In core java, java.util.Comparable interface is …

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