Searching Algorithms

best searching algorithm: Consider a data structure, say, array ‘a’ of size m: Linear Search with complexity O(n); Binary Search with complexity O(log n); Search using HASH value with complexity O(1)

Sorting Algorithms

Understanding quicksort algorithm: On an average Quicksort Algorithm has the complexity of O(nlogn) and in the worst case it has O(n^2) when the elements of the input array are..

Analogy between Binary Search Tree and Quicksort Algorithm: BST and Quicksort Algorithm are similar in nature in almost all the factors, like time complexities, and number of comparisons…

Other Algorithms

decimal to binary/octa/hexadecimal conversion: Here decimal to binary/octa/hexa decimal conversions are shown. Algorithm is simple provided we should make use of the stack (stack implementation) to put the coefficients.

Towers of Hanoi Recursive Ananlysis: Recursive program to towers of hanoi problem. For 2 discs we need 3 iterations, 3 discs we need 7 iterations, 4 discs we need 15 iterations, etc…

What is BIG(O) NOTATION: BIG O Notation is used to represent complexity of an algorithm in worst case scenario. Complexity in computer programming can be defined in terms of time and space….

order of hashmap/hashtable in BIG-O Notation: Order or complexity of any hash implemented data structure in java is O(1). O(1) means the time to retrieve…

Queue implementation in Java: Queues operate in FIFO model. Queues are also used in various other data structures, some of them are…

Stack implementation in Java: Stacks operate in LIFO model. Stack plays vital role in many data structures, some of them are: in parsing arithmetic expressions…

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