Tools & IDEs

Here is the list of tools and IDEs which makes ease of design, development, unit testing, building, managing, and code coverage in java.

Setup Java Environment

Java Download
Set JAVA_HOME (above java1.5) and below java1.5 set path to bin and classpath to lib folders of java installation

Open Source IDE for java

Eclipse IDE Download
We can download appropriate version of eclipse based on our need. I mostly choose ‘Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers’ as it is shipped with most of the plugins

Open Source Unit Test Tool

JUnit Download
We can use it directly by putting it in classpath and running test cases OR we have junit plugin for eclipse and also for maven, either way we can use it.

Open Source Build Tool

Maven Build Tool Download
One can use this tool to build the source code of the projects and understand how build tools work.

Open Source Source Control System

GIT Source Control Download
GIT also provides free repository space where you can create repos and play with checkins and checkouts.

Open Source Tool for Code Coverage

Sonar Code Coverage Tool Download
This tool is integrated with lot of other tools in order to detect the potential bugs that developer could make, any unreachable code and so on.. see 7 axis of code quality in their home page

Open Source Tool for Design Diagrams

yEd Designing Tool Download
We can use this tool for other diagrams as well

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