spiral traversal of binary tree

This can be done using two stacks in iterative manner.

The below diagram depicts the spiral traversal of BST

Steps to solve
push level_1 nodes (i.e, only root node) into stack_1;
next by popping elements of level_1, push children of level_l in to stack_2 (i.e, level_2);
next by popping elements of level_2, push children of level_2 in to stack_2 (i.e, level_3);
… so on


	 * Algorithm to print binary tree in spiral manner
	 * @param node root node of the binary tree
	public void printTreeInSpiralForm(BinaryNode node) {
		Stack<BinaryNode> stack1 = new Stack<BinaryNode>();
		Stack<BinaryNode> stack2 = new Stack<BinaryNode>();

		while (!stack1.empty() || !stack2.empty()) {
			while (!stack1.empty()) {
				node = stack1.pop();
				if(node != null) {
					System.out.print(node.element+", ");
					if(node.left != null)
					if(node.right != null)

			while (!stack2.empty() && node != null) {
				node = stack2.pop();
				if(node != null) {
					System.out.print(node.element+", ");
					if(node.left != null)
					if(node.right != null)

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